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Ebike Service

Mobile Ebike Service for part replacement or adjustments.

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  • $40 Service Start!
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Everyone is getting a eBike for faster travel and getting rid of a very expensive car that wastes a lot of gas. Now you can get the benefit of getting your clean air, fast, and a great exercise bike maintained. I can fix or upgrade your current eBike to your desired parts. Plus enjoy the service of a professional to be able to get you back on the road safely! - Assembly - Wheels - Tires - Chain - Lights - Throttle - LCD Display - Battery - Pedals - Seat - Brakes - Gears - Paint You can have parts already or you can ask for me to provide any parts with time ✔ $5 Booking Fee which will be deducted from Total. You only pay rest of Full Price after job is done! 💲 100% Free Guarantee on all Installs! Limited Time Offer! 💯 This means you can get it checked again with a new appointment if needed! 🍕 Did I forget to mention $10 referrals? 💸 Like the eBike in the picture? Now you can have it too for $50 off! Just use my referral code: Referral-Billy to be able to get the discount and also a 10% discount from your service! 😎 SDREAM Ur 🚲 Code: Referral-Billy


No Refund on $5 booking fee but can reschedule for a future date!



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